HIDemyass Review – Is HIDemyass a Good Provider?

HIDemyass is another VPN company that you may have heard of. HMA VPN (aka Hidemyass) is actually a well known VPN corporation in the UK creating a long and intriguing background. HIDemyass includes claimed a number of unique features including allowing you to make use of Sim cards and mobile phones to locate the Internet. Whilst this lay claim is true, the way that they are integrated is sometimes doubtful and requires much more explanation.

HIDemyass’ web page comments that their very own system utilizes a novel technique to boost speeds — a apparent super cookie system. To put it briefly, this system enables HIDemyass to use the same technology used by cookies to « prepopulate » web pages with various advertisements, JavaScript code and HTML elements whenever a new user asks for a page to the Internet. When you remember backside, HIDemyass was amongst one of the first ISPs to put into action this new technology, but it ended up being largely worthless, resulting in a notable slowing down of HIDemyass’ website’s site speeds.

While there is no obvious explanation why HIDemyass slows down internet pages while using this new super dessert system, the most accurate bottom line to draw from this tempo test is that HIDemyass’ servers are not designed in such a way with regards to optimally route traffic through the Internet and also to prevent unnatural intelligence or perhaps database fails. According to many individual private internet access referral speed check results, HIDemyass servers happen to be behaving erratically and often have unusually long to respond to varied commands. Occasionally, their response time is really so slow that their server will be regarded as a disaster region and consequently zero new traffic will be allowed in. Even though this might appear to be a good characteristic if you want a low priced VPN program, you should bear in mind it can easily negatively influence your ability to use the internet also to save info.